3-Day Cold Wax Medium Workshop in Nashville, Jan. 24,25,26, 2020

Painting with Gamblin’s Cold Wax Medium is becoming a very popular method with artists all over the world. In the process of painting with Cold Wax, artists can build layers of paint on paper or panels, add textures, use printmaking techniques, create mark making with charcoal, pencils wax pencils, incorporate powdered pigments, R & F paint sticks, oil tube paints, draw with paint sticks or use solvent for reductive techniques along with scratching and digging techniques when the wax is dryer. You can even use these materials on top of acrylic bases and textures. The applications are numerous and highly creative.

This class, taught by Rachael McCampbell, is for beginners or intermediate level artists who want to learn about the many amazing things you can do with Gamblin’s Cold Wax Medium and oil. This process of painting lends itself beautifully to abstraction or representational art. If you like to experiment with painting techniques that can surprise and delight you, then you may want to try Cold Wax and oil. It can be used in a thin, spare way or as a thick impasto.

This is a 3-day workshop which will give you a strong foundation and understanding of what this medium can offer you as an artist. You will work on both Arches oil paper and wood panels or hard substrates. Once you register, McCampbell will send you a supply list. “I hope to see you there!”

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Rachael McCampbell