A Dreamy Painting For A Dreamy Spot

“New Day,” Acrylic on convex birch panel, 30″ h x 80″ w by Rachael McCampbell © 2022

The first step to this process was to order a substrate to paint on and this case I wanted a convex piece that bows out toward the viewer to create more intimacy with the art. This panel is 2″ on the edges and bows out to 6″ in the middle.

My other intention was that is be a “dreamy painting” for a “dreamy spot” which meant a bedroom. This piece is intentionally made to fit over a king sized bed. It doesn’t have to go there–I’m just saying that was my intention. I wanted a soft landscape that was peaceful and relaxing for the soul. To achieve this, I painted layers upon layers upon layers of acrylic paint and mediums to give that waxy, subtle look. Again….that dreamy effect that I was going for.

I entitled it “New Day,” a reminder that every morning, when you wake up and see this painting, I want the viewer to remember that we have a new chance each day to do better and to enjoy God’s creations.

I have this painting in my studio if you’d like to see it. Inquire directly on prices. Email: rachael@rachaelmccampbell.com


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Rachael McCampbell