Best Wireless Microphone Lavalier System for Painters

Being an artist, instructor, and a content creator can get pretty complex. But, with a reliable wireless microphone lavalier system my job has become a lot easier! 

I’ve been using a wonderful wireless microphone lavalier system, the Movo WMX-1 Duo, for a little over two years now. I’m pleased with the capabilities it provides for painters, artists, and other professionals who work with their hands. 

What I Love About Movo’s Wireless Microphone Lavalier System

It works on smartphones, DSLR cameras and tablets!

Whether I’m creating a quick painting tutorial with my iPhone 12 for my YouTube channel or capturing b-roll with my Lumix DSLR camera, the Movo WMX-1 Duo is compatible with each device. 

Please note you will need to purchase a Lightning Adapter to connect an iPhone to the wireless receiver with the 3.5mm TRRS cable that comes with the Movo WXM-1 Duo kit

It’s a crucial part of a hands-free content creation setup

example of using wireless microphone lavalier system

Mics are very subtle and can be hidden or disguised easily.

When used in conjunction with a smartphone holder, the Movo WMX-1 Duo is suitable for anyone who needs to use their hands while recording a video. This kit comes with lapel clips you can use to keep the lavalier mic close and steady during filming, which I appreciate when I’m shooting videos like this one on how to paint a simple cloud in oil

Although I shoot many of my videos close to my smartphone or camera, I like the flexibility the Movo WMX-1 Duo provides. With it, I am able to be 200 feet away from a recording device and still produce crystal clear audio for my video for example when I’m taping a plein air instructional video and can be pretty far away from the smartphone. 

It’s great for doing interviews 

When I interviewed Naomi Judd, we each had on a mic and the audio was crystal clear.

Lastly, I highly recommend the Movo WMX-1 Duo especially if you’re planning to interview other artists or guests through your social media channels. It’s easy to create content with two people with high-quality audio using this kit from Movo as it comes with two lavalier mics!

Want to try it for yourself? 

Purchase the Movo WMX-1 Duo today and experience for yourself the ease with which you can create content about your art and the quality you’ll be able to deliver thanks to a good wireless microphone lavalier system


Note: I receive a small portion of the proceeds if you purchase this item, but it does not effect the price. It’s the same price on Amazon. Thank you for you support.
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