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Taught Cold Wax Medium Workshop at The Vienna Arts Society in VA, Sept. 28/29, 2019

The Vienna Arts Society who took my 2-day Cold Wax Medium Workshop. What a joy it was! Great women, great artists!

I just returned from teaching a 2-day workshop to a fabulous group of artists from The Vienna Arts Society in Vienna, VA near D.C. It was a beginning intro to Cold Wax Medium by Gamblin Oil.   They did such beautiful work. They learned many new techniques and ways of painting with oil that only Cold Wax allows you to do. There are printmaking techniques, scraping, stenciling, drawing, brayering, reductive/removal techniques, painting, glazing and much more. It’s so fascinating to work with. I love it!  I hope to return to Vienna to teach for a week-long workshop.

In this workshop we focused on abstraction using the landscape as a jumping off point. Here is some of the beautiful work they created. In  two days, you cannot expect to get finished art but many actually did just that!  They were ready to frame!  Way to go ladies! See below for more photos.

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3-D Painting on Metal Mobius Strip – “Flowings”

This is a video showing a 3-D painting I designed and created called “Flowings” on a metal mobius strip. It’s oil paint – 5 1/2′ w x 18″ h x 3′ deep. It turns 360 degrees and can be seen from the inside and out. It’s an infinity painting and never ends. I painted this to benefit The Harpeth River Conservancy in Nashville, Tennessee . 

I have loved painting this piece about water. It tells a story of water flowing through the atmosphere, to the mountains and streams all the way to the ocean and back. Water is one of our most precious resources and we need to protect it. The Harpeth River Conservancy protects the waters in middle Tennessee. They do such great work. The majority of the money raised to purchase this piece will go to the  non-profit. I’m honored to get to support The Harpeth River Conservancy in this way.

“Flowings” will sell this fall. If you have any interest in purchasing this original work of art, please let me know.

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Opening Reception of “Skyscapes Reimagined”

Thank you to The Copper Fox Gallery for a wonderful opening reception of my newest paintings, “Skyscapes Reimagined” on November 17th.

There were wonderful friends who came to cheer me on and to see my newest work and a lot of people I had never met. I really appreciated everyone showing up to support the arts in that way!

My paintings will be on view this month, December 2018, so please come on by the gallery. Address: The Copper Fox Gallery, 4136 Old Hillsboro Road. Hours: Monday- 11-3, Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11-5. And Happy Holidays!!!!


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I Loved Teaching A Workshop At Arrowmont Oct. 14-20, 2018!

Painting on a private 4,000 acre property at the top of the Smoky Mountains. Breathtaking! 

The leaves were changing and the weather was brisk. It was a perfect time to lead a workshop in the mountains of East Tennessee at The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. I had 15 eager and talented students who painted, took photos and generally took in the beauty around them. We painted cabins, fields, creeks and a stunning 180 degree mountain panorama from the top of the Smoky Mountains. It was astounding!  I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies. We often ate lunch and dinner together or shared a glass of wine at the end of the day by a fire. I saw a few black bears too which made the week even more exciting. Here are a few pictures to share with you so you can get a sense of where we were. Some of the art you’ll see were paintings and exercises in progress. Enjoy!

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Hands On Creativity Day at Plaza Art in Nashville Oct 27/28, 2018

Rachael demonstrating Gamblin Oil Products

Rachael McCampbell demonstrated Gamblin Oils at Plaza Art on October 27/28, 2018, from 11 – 5 pm each day. It was a wonderful weekend where hundreds of art enthusiasts played with oils, got free gifts from Gamblin and enjoyed all the other vendors there as well. It was a great weekend to celebrate the joy of creating art by getting your hands dirty and trying new things. Thank you, Gamblin for the opportunity to show off your amazing products!

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Artistic Adventures Abroad – Trip to Italy Fall of 2017

The beautiful Villa we will be staying in.

Another creative adventure lies ahead this August 30 – September 9, 2017, Cortona, Italy!

I’m taking a group of 14 guests to Cortona, Italy this fall to an amazing villa on gorgeous grounds with olive groves, a swimming pool, fountains and more. We will experience the joys of painting plein-air, hand-making pasta, truffle hunting, antiquing, seeing ancient churches and masterpieces of art while traveling to beautiful spots like San Gimignano, Siena, Volterra, Arezzo and of course Cortona!


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10 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration

Quick doodle sketch with notes begins the design process. Letting it flow and not edit is key.

by Rachael McCampbell

January 19, 2015

To stare at a blank canvas is intimidating – I call it the blank canvas blues. If you don’t have any great ideas, doubt can seep in:

  • What do I have to say as an artist?
  • I can’t think of anything new or original.
  • I’m going to waste a perfectly good and expensive canvas!

We all have those moments as artists no matter what form of art we’re involved in. Nobody said it would be easy to be creative every day. When you hit that wall, consider these 10 ways to jumpstart your creative juices.

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One, Wild Precious Life

“Self portrait” by Rachael McCampbell, © 2015

by Rachael McCampbell

January 1, 2015


“…Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild precious life?” 

When I first read these words, from Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day, I almost fell off my chair. It was a jolt, the same sort of zap you feel when you are reminded that this ain’t no dress rehearsal. A dear friend of mine asked me, “Do you realize that we only have about 30 more summers left?” A chill passed through my bones. Yes, this is it. This is the one wild, precious life we were given—so what do we plan to do with it, or with what’s left of it?

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