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McCampbell Lectures at Belmont University

Rachael McCampbell speaking on “La Dulce Vita,” at Belmont University

I was asked to speak at Belmont University March 21, 2015 on  “La Bella Vita: How Italian Culture Has Influenced my Art” as part of the International Awareness Events sponsored by the Dept of Foreign Languages. I’m pleased to say that the room was packed with over 65 people. It was fun and hopefully the attendees enjoyed it. Thank you Dr. Francesca Maria Muccini, Associate Professor of Italian, who often donates her spare time to tutor people who want to continue speaking Italian like me. Grazie mille, Francesca!

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McCampbell Offered to Write Column for Nashville Arts Magazine!

I’m thrilled to say that a blog I published on my website, January 1, 2015, entitled “Are Artists Courageous or Crazy,” was read by the editor of Nashville Arts Magazine  and he loved it so much that he called and asked me if he could publish it for Nashville Arts. I immediately took it off my website and handed it over! Then he offered that I write a column about things in the art world that interest me.  We entitled it, “And So It Goes” and I’ve been writing for them since. I’m so thrilled to be a part of this slick, smart, elegant and important magazine. Nashville is so blessed to have a quality magazine like this one!

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10 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration

Quick doodle sketch with notes begins the design process. Letting it flow and not edit is key.

by Rachael McCampbell

January 19, 2015

To stare at a blank canvas is intimidating – I call it the blank canvas blues. If you don’t have any great ideas, doubt can seep in:

  • What do I have to say as an artist?
  • I can’t think of anything new or original.
  • I’m going to waste a perfectly good and expensive canvas!

We all have those moments as artists no matter what form of art we’re involved in. Nobody said it would be easy to be creative every day. When you hit that wall, consider these 10 ways to jumpstart your creative juices.

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One, Wild Precious Life

“Self portrait” by Rachael McCampbell, © 2015

by Rachael McCampbell

January 1, 2015


“…Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild precious life?” 

When I first read these words, from Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day, I almost fell off my chair. It was a jolt, the same sort of zap you feel when you are reminded that this ain’t no dress rehearsal. A dear friend of mine asked me, “Do you realize that we only have about 30 more summers left?” A chill passed through my bones. Yes, this is it. This is the one wild, precious life we were given—so what do we plan to do with it, or with what’s left of it?

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My Art on Honest Tea Labels

Illustrations for Honest Tea Labels by Rachael McCampbell

Fine artists sometimes get to do commercial work and in this case, I was extremely blessed to be hired by CocaCola to create 8 paintings used on the labels of Honest Tea. My rep in Los Angeles, Carrie Perlow from Das Grup, got me the job. I worked with a wonderful art director named Mandy Coelho from the CocaCola Company (they own Honest Tea). Here are 6 of the labels now on shelves. They are a great company with a lot of heart and soul and their teas are delicious!!! Thank you CocaCola!!!!

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Group Show: Courage Unmasked for Victims of Head, Neck and Throat Cancers

“Autumn Healing” by Rachael McCampbell, mixed media using Head Mask for Cancer Treatment.

About 50 artists in Nashville and the surrounding area created masks made from the radiation masks used in treating patients with head, neck and throat cancers for the Courage Unmasked Show. When the editor of Nashville Arts Magazine asked me if I wanted to make a mask to be donated and auctioned off at a Vanderbilt Gala, I of course said “Yes!” I had just learned about my sister’s breast cancer and was thrilled to help any cause that might help the victims of cancer. The money raised went to the patients themselves who couldn’t cover the exorbitant bills that came with their treatments.

There were beautiful masks at the opening reception held at OZ in Nashville on September 27, 2014. Mike Wolfe (from American Pickers TV show) did an amazing job auctioning off the masks. He gave a heartfelt talk that made me cry about dealing with his wife Jodi’s cancer.

I used mixed media to create this mask. I don’t know who this mask belonged to, but I imagined that the person had throat cancer and that their healing took place in the fall. So I entitled it, “Autumn Healing.” I found a rock on a walk that I liked and wrapped it in copper wire and placed it over the throat area. There is a bird nested on the head which to me represents rebirth. I hope this patient healed under the capable hands of the Vanderbilt team.

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McCampbell’s Art In Anthology Entitled “Ekphrastia”

I did a series of paintings years ago based on the poetry of Los Angeles “Noir Poet,” Suzanne Lummis.  I have always been inspired by the visual imagery that arises from reading good poetry. In this case, Suzanne saw a painting I did based on one of her poems and then wrote a poem based on that painting. It turned in to art influencing art influencing art!  This poem, “Woman and Apple,” is now part of an anthology of poems influenced by many of the arts (painting, film, literature, photography and more). It’s called, Ekphrastia Gone Wild: Poems Inspired by Art.  This includes the work of 87 poets from all over the world and is edited by Los Angeles poet Rick Lupert.

To buy a copy of Ekphrastia Gone Wild on their site:

Or at Amazon

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Leslie Satcher Performs for McCampbell’s Private Art Show in Park City, Utah

Leslie Satcher Performs at th unveiling of Rachael’s 14′ long painting for client in Park City, Utah 2013

The amazingly talented singer/songwriter, Leslie Satcher, performed at McCampbell’s clients’ beautiful home on the slopes of Deer Valley ski resort in Park City, Utah July 14, 2013.  The evening’s focus was to celebrate the commissioned painting Rachael created for her clients called, “We Rise to Play a Greater Part 2.” It’s a triptych that measures 14′ long and 4′ high. The two central horses depicted are the clients’ Kentucky thoroughbreds running across a Scottsdale, Arizona sky.

About thirty lucky guests enjoyed good wine, catered food and two hours of Leslie’s moving and always entertaining songs and stories. Her poignant lyrics and haunting vocals brought several people to tears as they shared afterwards how much her music had touched them. It was truly a magical night. “Thank you, dear Leslie Satcher, and husband David Allen, for performing in conjunction with my art. I was truly honored!”

The commissioned painting, “We Rise to Play A Greater Part 2,” oil on canvas, triptych, 14′ wide x 4′ high.
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Two More Commissions Completed!

“Autumn Trinity” by Rachael McCampbell, 4.5′ x 5′, oil on canvas, 2013

I just completed two new

commissions. The clients were thrilled to have their personal horses and views of their farm featured. The large scale of the art required three people an extremely tall ladder! (Each painting is 4.5′ x 5′.)

Due to a scheduled event, these two paintings had to go from conception, sketches, full size mock-ups, to final work in about a month’s time. Whew!

“SpringTrinity” by Rachael McCampbell, 4.5′ x 5′, oil on canvas, 2013