Cold Wax Workshop –August 2020

This is a short video I created to give you an idea of what a 4-Day workshop in Cold Wax Medium and Oil Paint might look like. We begin with a Powerpoint presentation and move on to many demonstrations. Everyone goes to their tables and works and I move around and talk to each person individually about their process and then we meet as a group and go over things. It’s always a HUGE learning experience. I focus on using the landscape as a launching off point for our art. As a painter, you can work either realistically or you can go 100% abstract with Cold Wax. It lends itself well to both styles. I work both ways as I feel abstraction feeds my representational work and vice versa. It’s such a fun process. I hope to see you in a future workshop. Please sign up on my email list so I can let you know when I’m doing this again. Thank you for watching!



Rachael McCampbell