How to Paint a Simple Cloud in Oil

Since I haven’t been able to go out in the world and teach for the past few months, I thought I’d make some videos and bring some lessons directly to you and your computer screen.

Please check out my newest video on how to paint a simple, cumulus cloud using on a few colors of Gamblin’s Oil colors. This is easy to do, and I lead you through the whole process. Take the techniques I teach and put your own spin and personal style on it to create your own cloud. Then, post a picture of it on your Instagram account with the hashtag: #cloudpaintingchallenge and then we can all see your clouds in one spot!

I have other videos being edited now, so stay tuned and please subscribe to my Youtube Channel so that you can be notified when these videos are published.

Thank you for checking in with me. And blessings to you!




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Rachael McCampbell