How to Varnish an Oil Painting

Do you have an oil painting that looks dry and dull or the surface is uneven and ugly when you look at it under certain lights or angles?

Try varnishing it with Gamvar and you will be so pleased. It will enrich the colors and give the painting a whole new look. The surface will take on a lush, professional appearance that will be so transformative for your piece of art–and for you!  Follow these simple steps to take your painting to another level. I used a Dynasty Flat Synthetic brush to apply it.

Also, using Gamvar is fabulous because you can varnish your art about 2 weeks after completion unlike many brands that make you wait six months to varnish!  It’s also easy to remove!

I wanted to repaint one of my paintings that had been varnished. I used a nice soft cloth with Gamblin’s Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits and the varnish came right off without hurting the painting at all. I repainted, waited two weeks, and re-varnished my work. It was beautiful and super easy.

Watch this video to see how simple this is. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or there is a great resource on Gamblin’s site. Here’s their PDF.

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Rachael McCampbell