Paint a Persimmon with Me!


Reference photo by Rachael McCampbell of persimmons to paint.©2021

I allowed myself two hours to paint this in both acrylic and oil.  It’s hard for an artist who wants to edit their work to death (like me) but I did it. It’s a practice I’m trying to follow so that I don’t overwork things. (NOTE: That 2 hours to paint didn’t include the drying time of the gesso or the acrylic paint before I started to paint in oil)

I don’t know if you have painted in acrylic first then, oil, but it’s wonderful to work out your composition and color palette, for the most part, before going to oil. The acrylic dries fast allowing you to make lots of quick, changeable decisions. Then you can finesse your details in oil.

I used Holbein acrylics and oils for this video and boy were they amazing. The oils are so buttery and soft. There is such a lovely texture and feel to them as you mix them and paint with them too. I highly recommend them if you haven’t used them in the past. I also painted on a gessoed Ampersand Panel that was also so smooth and delicious to paint on. I painted with a variety of Dynasty Brushes that worked great, as always. I hope you will check this video out and let me know if you painted your own persimmon.

Painting is so relaxing and fun, especially in these stressful times we are going through. Lower your blood pressure and give painting a try!  You won’t regret it.

Here is the PDF file of this photograph of persimmons I took. Feel free to print that out and use it as a reference picture to paint, if you’d like:


Rachael McCampbell