Part II of Video on Painting a Rose

I just published a video for my “Painting with Friends” series with Naomi Judd where we painted using Holbein acrylics. It was really fun and I loved chatting with her while we played with paints. But I wanted to complete an entire painting of a rose  (I didn’t get to finish it in the last video), so I decided to add Part II of me painting a rose on a smaller Fredrix canvas with the same Dynasty brushes. I hope you will enjoy it and paint along with me!  Here is a PDF file with both rose pictures I used as references if you’d like them. Roses for Video.  And don’t forget to go to the video with Naomi to comment and enter the raffle for a set of basic heavy body acrylics by Holbein, a 16″ x 20″ Fredrix Canvas and several Black/Gold label brushes by Dynasty! Click below to see rose images.

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Rachael McCampbell