Video Conversation with Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Please take a moment to watch a video conversation that I worked on with Arrowmont School. (It’s about 9 minutes long). They focus on their instructors so future and past students can get to know their teachers a little bit better. I love this idea!  I think it helps deepen the Arrowmont experience by taking a look at their instructors and learning more about them, their philosophies on art and why they teach.

Thank you Arrowmont for supporting me as a teacher and for being such an amazingly creative space for people to escape to for healing and artistic expression. I can’t wait to teach there again next fall, Oct. 17-23, in Gatlinburg, TN right about when the leaves are changing color. Such a gorgeous time of year then.

I will be teaching a Cold Wax Medium Workshop. The class will fill quickly, so if you are interested, please sign-up for their newsletter so that you can get notified first when registration opens up. I don’t do registration for this course. Thanks for watching!!!

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Rachael McCampbell