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Do you Want Perfect Art Lights?

Hey artists, I have found a fabulous, affordable and easy to set up studio lighting system PLUS they have a light system that is portable. You can purchase these amazing lights at 10% off with free shipping and a three-year warranty! I have been using the Perfect Art Lights for several months now and I…
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New Painting from Art Residency in the Smoky Mountains

  I was blessed to spend a week in the Smoky Mountains this summer on a painting residency. I began my paintings there and finished them at home in my studio. I found I was most drawn to the water, the rhododendron flowers and any time I saw a curve in the path! I am…
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Podcast Interview with Art Ladders: The Creative Climb

I had a great time chatting with professional artists and podcasters Valerie Allen and her husband Armin Mersmann last week. Valerie came to my studio and we talked online with Armin who was in Michigan through zoom. It was great chatting about art and approaches to art making. I could have talked with them all…
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"A class with Rachael is an opportunity not to be missed! TRAVELING with her and the charming 'Lt. Stewart' (her husband) is SO much fun!  Every detail and contingency has been thought out and prepared for. I can't wait for the next workshops and trip with Rachael!"     SH


"Rachael's classes are an absolute REVELATION! You see differently and approach your art with renewed energy, creativity and enthusiasm! I cannot find enough superlatives! Rachael is as wonderful a teacher as she is an artist -- a rare combination."    LW


"This was such a fun and wonderful learning experience. I came into this class with little to no knowledge of Cold Wax Medium, but after just four days, I think it's my favorite new medium. Rachael is a great communicator and it helps that she is also hilarious! 10/10 I would recommend her workshops!"   JC


"Rachael is an incredibly talented artist who is also gifted in teaching both individually and in groups. She does great demos and lessons and meets every artist where they are."  AW


"Rachael's gentle and kind teaching style is perfect for both beginners and more experienced artists! She is an absolute encyclopedia of knowledge, which she shares freely. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future."  EP


"Traveling with Rachael and experiencing painting plein air was MAGICAL!"    LF