Cold Wax Medium Workshop Aug., 13, 14 & 15 in Vienna, VA


I’m so happy to announce to announce that I’m teaching a 3-Day workshop at the Vienna Arts Society in Vienna, Virginia.

This is always a fun and hugely informative class because I cover a great deal of information in 3 days. You will learn so much about Cold Wax Medium and how to use it in so many applications –both in realism and abstraction.

This will be an intense class in learning about all the amazing things you can do with Cold Wax and oil –from representational work to abstract painting using techniques akin to printmaking. It’s so fun and you get such unexpected results.


Painting with Cold Wax Medium (CWM) is a hugely popular method with artists all over the world. If you like working with oil paints and mixed media painting, then this is the workshop for you. Students will learn how to build layers of oil paint mixed with CWM on paper or panels, add textures, and use printmaking and mark-making techniques to create gorgeous works of art. You will discover how to incorporate powdered pigments into your work and to draw and paint with R & F pigment sticks. You will add layers and then remove them using solvents and scratch-through techniques to find older layers and unexpected shapes and colors below. Painting with CWM  and oil lends itself to both representational or abstract art and working with it is a process-oriented medium that allows for experimentation and play.

Open to all skill levels, however a basic knowledge of oil painting is preferred.


Images from past Cold Wax Workshops.

Rachael McCampbell teaching Cold Wax Medium to The Vienna Arts Society in VA

Cold Wax Medium Workshop At the Art Barn, Cincinnati, OH April 2021

The Vienna Arts Society who took my 2-day Cold Wax Medium Workshop. What a joy it was! Great women, great artists!

Paintings hung to dryWomen checking artworksA blue abstract art

A blue and light colored abstract painting

Oil and Cold
Wax Medium. 20 x 20″ on panel by Rachael McCampbell ©2020

A group of women and their finished artworks

4-Day Cold Wax Medium Workshop Aug. 23-26, 2020





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Rachael McCampbell