My Opinion Piece Published in The Tennessean

Today The Tennessean Published an article I wrote about the importance of the arts during the time of Covid.

I hope you will read this in full article and share with your artist friends. It’s important for creatives to know they are valued and that their talents and gifts have been the glue that has held us together these last few months. Where would we have been without music, film, literature, dancing and of course painting? The arts are what feed our soul, express our fears and hopes and keep us grounded while searching for the ever elusive truth.

The article:

Thank you for those who understand the importance of enjoying art and creating it too. The arts reflect our humaness – they connect and weave us together as a society and remind us of our interdependence on one another.

I’m always honored to be a part of the arts.

I feel my mission, in whatever way I do it, is to help encourage others to enjoy and create art. To experience the blissful excitement of making something that is unique and never existed in the world until they came along with an idea and a pencil or brush.

Kudos to all the arts and people who make them. You help us, you are important and most of all, you are NEEDED AND ESSENTIAL!

Rachael McCampbell