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Art At Any Age

Published by Thrive Global on November 30, 2019  (Click here to see the published article)


When I was younger I bought into the myth that you had to attend art school, earn your master’s degree, get accepted into topnotch galleries in New York and LA and finally, hallelujah, be tapped by curators who would then place your artwork into premiere art museums throughout the world. You would truly be an artist and your name would be engraved in the annals of art history. But where does that leave all the other thousands of people who like to create art but don’t take this path?

This is a painting the author created for an art exhibit benefiting The Land Trust for Tennessee. “Clouds That Whisper Your Name,” by Rachael McCampbell © 2019 Oil on Panel, 36″ x 36″
There are many types of art and artists and many venues for selling your work. Don’t buy into the limitations that some art schools, galleries and museums put on bourgeoning artists. There is no wrong way to make or sell art and you don’t have to be 20 years old to do begin. Look at the Instagram, Etsy and YouTube artists who are making a living with all sorts of art and at various stages of life.

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Comments after the Cold Wax Medium Workshop at The Vienna Arts Society – September 2019

Rachael Teaching Cold Wax Medium Workshop in Vienna, VA at The Vienna Arts Society, Sept. 2019

I want to share some comments from the last workshop I did at The Vienna Arts Society, Vienna, VA. It was a lovely group of dedicated artists who were very excited about Cold Wax Medium and oil. I will return for a week-long workshop where we can really go deeper. I’m looking forward to it!  Thank you fellow artists for your supportive comments!

“This workshop was so enjoyable – nobody wanted to leave!  I learned so much and will continue working on abstract compositions. I loved abstracting my landscapes and the cold wax added so much to the painting. I definitely will continue learning, working and experimenting with this medium! Love it!  Hopefully you’ll come back up to teach!”  NS

“Rachael, as a teacher, you are so patient, kind, and inspiring!  You challenged us in ways I have not worked in years with my own art!  I am so proud of the work I created- even if it isn’t quite there yet!  I am so grateful for your guidance and positivity about our work.  i know that the learning I experienced will carry over into my teaching and I am even more grateful for that!!  Thank you a million times and I hope you come back for a week in the summer… when I can attend! :)”    PC

“And may I also say what an extraordinary teacher Rachel is!  She is SO talented and such a terrific teacher.  She was so accommodating to each of us and met us where we are in our artistic journey.  She patiently answered every question and made such insightful suggestions.  I can’t wait to take another glass with her.”  SH

“Rachael, thank you for a great workshop!  I keep staring at my work, itching to carry it forward, when I’m not thinking “Wow!  I did THAT?!  ME?!“ What a crazy cool medium.”    MS

“Your workshop was informative, inspiring, and fun, and I appreciated your generosity in sharing your knowledge and insights about the cold wax process, and painting and design. I do hope that I am able to take another workshop or class with you! “ LM

“Rachael, thanks so very much for teaching  us so many new techniques using cold wax and oil. Your class was interesting , fun and so inspiring. Thanks again for giving us your all!” HL

“Still reveling in all the “learning” from your class this weekend. You are a fabulous teacher and can’t wait to take another class with you!!”   SH

“Thank YOU Rachael! I learned so much and was so grateful to be able to try so many different techniques in such a short amount of time.”  KL

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Taught Cold Wax Medium Workshop at The Vienna Arts Society in VA, Sept. 28/29, 2019

The Vienna Arts Society who took my 2-day Cold Wax Medium Workshop. What a joy it was! Great women, great artists!

I just returned from teaching a 2-day workshop to a fabulous group of artists from The Vienna Arts Society in Vienna, VA near D.C. It was a beginning intro to Cold Wax Medium by Gamblin Oil.   They did such beautiful work. They learned many new techniques and ways of painting with oil that only Cold Wax allows you to do. There are printmaking techniques, scraping, stenciling, drawing, brayering, reductive/removal techniques, painting, glazing and much more. It’s so fascinating to work with. I love it!  I hope to return to Vienna to teach for a week-long workshop.

In this workshop we focused on abstraction using the landscape as a jumping off point. Here is some of the beautiful work they created. In  two days, you cannot expect to get finished art but many actually did just that!  They were ready to frame!  Way to go ladies! See below for more photos.

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Private Consulations

Private Consultations

McCampbell Offers Private Lessons and Art Consultations

If you are a beginner or a working artist, Rachael can meet with you to teach your the basics or take your art to its next level.

For New Artists:

If you would like to learn either acrylics or oils or both, Rachael can teach you about artist materials and how to use them. She will take you from the basics on up to learning the Principles of Art and Elements of Design to composition, texture, mark making, glazing and more, all in your own home, or, in her studio.

For Experienced Artists:

Sometimes you get stuck as an artist. You don’t know what to do next. Perhaps you can’t solve an issue with your composition or you can’t figure out how to mix your colors. Maybe you are having trouble figuring out the order in which to approach a painting and you need someone to guide you through it. If a house call with a professional artist would help, then Rachael McCampbell is here to accommodate you and get your art moving to the next stage in your development as a painter.

Rachael is an accomplished artist with over 35 years experience.  She is also a Recognized Gamblin Workshop Instructor and a GOLDEN Acrylics Art Educator. She leads workshops for Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors, teaching techniques in oil and also in acrylic both in the United States and abroad in Europe.


Cost for a private art lesson at McCampbell’s studio in Franklin, TN or online:  $125/hour

Cost for a private art lesson at client’s home: $150/hour plus drive time








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New Offerings: New Women’s Retreat and Private Consultations

Learn about a new women’s spiritual retreat, “Renew,” next spring in 2020 at Beersheba Springs, TN. Rachael McCampbell is partnering with Reverend Betty L. Proctor for a 3 night/4 day retreat to reconnect with our creativity and revitalize our souls through fellowship in a gorgeous natural setting on the Cumberland Plateau. For information about this retreat click on Artistic Adventures of the Soul. 

Over the years of teaching, Rachael McCampbell has had many requests for private discussions about art outside the classroom setting for artists who want 100% of her attention. She is now offering these private sessions to discuss individual artists’ art either in person or online. To learn more, please go to her Private Consultations page.

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3-D Painting on Metal Mobius Strip – “Flowings”

This is a video showing a 3-D painting I designed and created called “Flowings” on a metal mobius strip. It’s oil paint – 5 1/2′ w x 18″ h x 3′ deep. It turns 360 degrees and can be seen from the inside and out. It’s an infinity painting and never ends. I painted this to benefit The Harpeth River Conservancy in Nashville, Tennessee . 

I have loved painting this piece about water. It tells a story of water flowing through the atmosphere, to the mountains and streams all the way to the ocean and back. Water is one of our most precious resources and we need to protect it. The Harpeth River Conservancy protects the waters in middle Tennessee. They do such great work. The majority of the money raised to purchase this piece will go to the  non-profit. I’m honored to get to support The Harpeth River Conservancy in this way.

“Flowings” will sell this fall. If you have any interest in purchasing this original work of art, please let me know.

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Art Sale to Benefit The Land Trust For Tennessee

This is a collection of landscape paintings that I painted for an exhibit called, “Illuminated Landscapes,” which benefits The Land Trust for Tennessee. They were exhibited in Franklin, TN in April 2019 for 2 weeks. If you weren’t able to attend this art show, I invite you to peruse this page and see if there are any original works of art that might interest you. THIS SALE ENDS MID-OCTOBER 2019!

Remember, your purchase directly benefits an outstanding non-profit that protects our open spaces, parks, family farms, forests and historic landscapes in Tennessee. They are crucial to keeping our state beautiful and environmentally healthy. Please contact me if you would like to know the prices of any of these paintings.

Thank you for supporting the arts and The Land Trust For Tennessee!

Rachael McCampbell 

For all inquiries, contact Rachael McCampbell Art Studio: Tel: 310-569-8040 or email:


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Annual Art Studio Sale!

Join me for my annual studio sale Oct. 19 & 20th, where I pull out original artwork, from finished paintings to sketches on paper, from greeting cards to demos I painted in art classes and more. There will be something for everyone. I have a limited space to work in and need to make room for new work.

So, come on down to my studio in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, enjoy some nibbles and libations and spend time looking at art. Afterwards, make your way into the village  (you can throw a rock at it from my studio) to see more art, antiques etc… The Copper Fox Gallery in Leiper’s Fork  also shows my artwork so please check them out too–they have gorgeous artisan works!

I hope to see you on October 19 or 20th – Sat. 9-5 and Sun. 11-5. For more details, see the flyer. And thank you for supporting the arts!

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Come Paint With Me! Aug. 30 – Sept. 28th, 2019 at Plaza in Nashville!

Hello Painters!  Do you want to grow as a landscape painter and find your voice?  Come paint with me for 5 mornings at Plaza in Nashville. This is a class to study the landscape but also to go deeper as artists — to take your painting to that next level. Individual critiques and meetings about your work is part of this class. Contact me with any questions about this course and come have FUN WITH ART!

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McCampbell Teaching 2-Day Cold Wax Medium Workshop in Vienna, VA

Flyer for McCampbell’s Cold Wax Medium Workshop with the Vienna Arts Society in Vienna, VA September 28-29, 2019

Join me for a 2-Day Workshop exploring all the fascinating things you can do with Cold Wax Medium by Gamblin!

Cold Wax Medium is a wonderful product that lends itself to creating many beautiful effects with with oil paints. We will work on painting abstracts and/or abstracted landscapes. I will demonstrate the many different ways you can apply Cold Wax medium from layering, to printmaking techniques, to carving back in — reductive techniques and more. You can achieve a wide range of surfaces from mystical, atmospheric paintings to bright, highly textured paintings.

Gamblin is generously supplying  the oil paints and cold wax medium materials we will use for this class. Other materials needed will be emailed to you upon registration. This class is $300 and you can register with The Vienna Arts Society–email:

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