A Weeklong Cold Wax Medium Workshop in Vienna, VA! Aug. 24-28, 2020

Come paint with me at The Vienna Arts Society, Aug 24, 25, 26, 27 28, 2020!

I’m excited to announce that I get to return to the Vienna Arts Society, in Vienna, VA to teach a weeklong workshop in Cold Wax Medium. This will be a course for both beginners and intermediate artists too. We will delve deeper into the methods and application of Cold Wax Medium and explore the theories of abstraction. Cold Wax Medium, mixed with oils, offers an endless combination of methods that result in unexpected and beautiful surprises. I’m always amazed at what happens when I work in this magical process. “There is some planning involved but often, the process and play take over and what I had intended to create morphs into a whole new and much more exciting painting than anticipated.”

Join me for a week of exploring this exciting painting method where you can build layers of paint on paper or panels, add textures, use printmaking techniques, add mark making with charcoal, pencils wax pencils, incorporate powdered pigments, R & F paint sticks, marble dust, oil paints, draw with paint sticks or use solvent for reductive techniques along with scratching and digging techniques when the wax is dryer. You can even use these materials on top of acrylic bases and textures. It’s immediate, it’s experimental and it’s just plain fun! Come play with Cold Wax Medium with me and find get to know your deepest creative self.

This class is for beginners or intermediate level artists who want to learn about the many amazing things you can do with Gamblin’s Cold Wax Medium and oil. This process of painting lends itself to abstraction or representational art.

Material list: Materials for students to bring will be supplied upon registration.

The instructor will provide Gamsol odorless mineral spirits, marble dust, tissue paper, pigments to share, paper towels, wax paper, palette paper, gloves, garbage bags and some oil paints and some Cold Wax Medium.

The cost of this 5-day course is only $750. Supplies are not included.

To register and pay for the class, please notify the Vienna Arts Society: 243 Church St. NW. Ste 100. Vienna. VA 22180

Call: 703-319-3971 or email: artcenter@ViennaArtsSociety.org


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