About Rachael McCampbell

Rachael McCampbell in her studio painting ©2019

Having grown up on a farm in East Tennessee, I have always been inspired by wildlife and the lessons nature teaches us. After years of urban living in New York, Florence, Italy, London and Los Angeles, I am back in the countryside of Franklin, Tennessee, where I can observe and explore firsthand the landscapes that inform my work.

Being a process-oriented artist, I let the painting inform me as opposed to the other way around. I have an idea of what I want to paint, but that rarely manifests as I envisioned. Those happy accidents and twists and turns become an integral aspect of my journey as a painter.

The peeling walls in Tuscany inspired me years ago to paint using layers of texture which I like to add and remove until the story I’m trying to tell gets told. Taking an emotive, action-based approach to the application of paint, I work as much with splashes and drips of color as with carefully rendered lines. It also interests me to combine both realism and abstraction in my work, which I believe creates exciting paths for the viewer to explore visually.

I love to paint Plein-Air and work out of doors capturing the light in a short amount of time. Being in the nature, around what inspires me the most, is one of my greatest joys. As an environmentalist, I am deeply concerned about the loss of our open lands in this country and throughout the world. I am currently painting about “encroachment” and exploring my concern about overdevelopment through my art.

I’m very interested in creating Public Art in hospital environments and corporate spaces. I love reaching a lot of people with my art and hopefully inspiring them as they enter those public spaces.

Teaching art to others feeds me a great deal as does writing about it. Please check out what I have published about my experiences with art, (under “Published Writings and Videos”). Read my thoughts regarding the process of making art and my personal insights into the art world.

I also lead art groups to beautiful locales in America and foreign lands for Inspirational Journeys called “Artistic Adventures Abroad,” (Under “Workshops and Classes”). My intention is to provide unique environments for guests to paint Plein air or in a studio space, explore their creative talents and make new relationships to last a lifetime.

Organic gardening and cooking are passions I enjoy with my husband, along with entertaining friends on the back porch or in the creek behind my house. I have a fabulous son, daughter-in-law, grandchild and two step-daughters. I love antiques, live in an old farmhouse and drive a 1949 F-1 truck named Lucille.

I am a GOLDEN Acrylics Artist Educator and a Holbein Brand Ambassador. I teach workshops both domestic and internationally. Please contact me for public or private commissions at rachael@rachaelmccampbell.com


Rachael is a member of:

NOAPS:  The National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society

OPA:  Oil Painters of America society

AWA: American Women Artists

AIS: American Impressionist Society


Rachael is a published writer and contributor to:

Thrive Global

The Tennessean

Nashville Arts Magazine

Number: Inc.


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