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Art At Any Age

Published by Thrive Global on November 30, 2019  (Click here to see the published article)


When I was younger I bought into the myth that you had to attend art school, earn your master’s degree, get accepted into topnotch galleries in New York and LA and finally, hallelujah, be tapped by curators who would then place your artwork into premiere art museums throughout the world. You would truly be an artist and your name would be engraved in the annals of art history. But where does that leave all the other thousands of people who like to create art but don’t take this path?

This is a painting the author created for an art exhibit benefiting The Land Trust for Tennessee. “Clouds That Whisper Your Name,” by Rachael McCampbell © 2019 Oil on Panel, 36″ x 36″
There are many types of art and artists and many venues for selling your work. Don’t buy into the limitations that some art schools, galleries and museums put on bourgeoning artists. There is no wrong way to make or sell art and you don’t have to be 20 years old to do begin. Look at the Instagram, Etsy and YouTube artists who are making a living with all sorts of art and at various stages of life.

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