Private Consultations

McCampbell Offers Private Lessons and Art Consultations


Sometimes you get stuck as an artist. You don’t know what to do next. Perhaps you cant’ solve an issue with your composition or you can’t figure out how to mix your colors, or you are having trouble figuring out the order in which to approach a painting, and you need someone to guide you through it. If a house call with a professional artist would help, then Rachael McCampbell is here to accommodate you and get your art moving to the next level.

Rachael is an accomplished artist with over 35 years experience.  She is also a recognized Gamblin Workshop Instructor and a Golden Art Educator. She leads workshops for Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors, teaching techniques in oil and also in acrylic both in the United States and abroad in Europe.

Cost for a private art lesson at McCampbell’s studio in Centerville, TN or online:  $140/hour or  $70/half hour

Cost for a private art lesson at client’s home: $150/hour plus drive time