Comments after the Cold Wax Medium Workshop at The Vienna Arts Society – September 2019

Rachael Teaching Cold Wax Medium Workshop in Vienna, VA at The Vienna Arts Society, Sept. 2019

I want to share some comments from the last workshop I did at The Vienna Arts Society, Vienna, VA. It was a lovely group of dedicated artists who were very excited about Cold Wax Medium and oil. I will return for a week-long workshop where we can really go deeper. I’m looking forward to it!  Thank you fellow artists for your supportive comments!

“This workshop was so enjoyable – nobody wanted to leave!  I learned so much and will continue working on abstract compositions. I loved abstracting my landscapes and the cold wax added so much to the painting. I definitely will continue learning, working and experimenting with this medium! Love it!  Hopefully you’ll come back up to teach!”  NS

“Rachael, as a teacher, you are so patient, kind, and inspiring!  You challenged us in ways I have not worked in years with my own art!  I am so proud of the work I created- even if it isn’t quite there yet!  I am so grateful for your guidance and positivity about our work.  i know that the learning I experienced will carry over into my teaching and I am even more grateful for that!!  Thank you a million times and I hope you come back for a week in the summer… when I can attend! :)”    PC

“And may I also say what an extraordinary teacher Rachel is!  She is SO talented and such a terrific teacher.  She was so accommodating to each of us and met us where we are in our artistic journey.  She patiently answered every question and made such insightful suggestions.  I can’t wait to take another class with her.”  SH

“Rachael, thank you for a great workshop!  I keep staring at my work, itching to carry it forward, when I’m not thinking “Wow!  I did THAT?!  ME?!“ What a crazy cool medium.”    MS

“Your workshop was informative, inspiring, and fun, and I appreciated your generosity in sharing your knowledge and insights about the cold wax process, and painting and design. I do hope that I am able to take another workshop or class with you! “ LM

“Rachael, thanks so very much for teaching  us so many new techniques using cold wax and oil. Your class was interesting , fun and so inspiring. Thanks again for giving us your all!” HL

“Still reveling in all the “learning” from your class this weekend. You are a fabulous teacher and can’t wait to take another class with you!!”   SH

“Thank YOU Rachael! I learned so much and was so grateful to be able to try so many different techniques in such a short amount of time.”  KL

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Rachael McCampbell