6-Week Acrylic and Oil Painting Landscape Class at Plaza, Jan. 15 – Feb. 19, 2020

Sign up now for my next 6-week long landscape course in both acrylic and oil painting at Plaza Art Supply in downtown Nashville. We will meet on Wednesday mornings from 9-12 to learn about many aspects of acrylic and oil painting with the focus on landscapes. We will discuss, for example, the materials we use in acrylic and oil painting, composition, perspective, color mixing, trees, water and water reflections, rocks, clouds and skies, textures, mediums, glazing and more.

I will use my knowledge as both a GOLDEN Acrylic Educator and a Gamblin Dedicated Instructor to teach you about how to get from A -Z with painting a landscape. Please register with me: rachael@rachaelmccampbell.com. I look forward to painting with you!

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Rachael McCampbell