Auctioning off My Painting This Saturday to Benefit the Harpeth Conservancy!

I’m blessed to be able to donate this painting I created, “Love of the Land,” to the fabulous non-profit, the Harpeth Conservancy in Nashville. My artwork will be viewed at the Harpeth Conservancy’s annual fundraiser, “River Swing,” this coming Saturday night, September 16, 2023.

If you have bought tickets to this blast of an event, then hopefully I’ll see you there. If you would like to bid on this painting but are not attending the event, you can bid before the auction. They will NOT be set up to take live auction bids though. So, if you’d like to purchase this piece, please contact Haylee Hall at: this week!  I’d love for one of you to take home this painting.  There is a minimum bid of $1,400 to begin.

100% of the your purchase goes to the Harpeth Conservancy. 

“Love of the Land,” being auctioned at the Harpeth Conservancy River Swing this Saturday. If you cannot attend the event, you can still buy this piece by bidding in advance. This painting is 16″ h x 20″ w, oil on panel. Contact either me or Haylee Hall to put in your bid before Saturday.

I love painting landscapes because studying the land–views of open spaces, is part of our DNA. As humans, part of our survival techniques were based on our observation of the land around us, the weather and what dangers might lie ahead. But with that came awestruck moments of breathtaking dawns and sunsets, of the sky reflecting in water, etc…The beauty of the land is a true gift we are given. I hope we will take care of it. That’s why I support an organizations like the HC, because they are working hard every day to protect our waterways. Thank you Harpeth Conservancy for all you do!

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Rachael McCampbell