Art Critique on Zoom


Do you have a painting you’ve been working on but are at that point where you don’t know what to do next? Would you like to talk with me about it?

Well, I know how that is and after years of problem solving in both acrylic and oil, I can help you examine where you are in your work and discover what your next steps could possibly be.


  • I will have a very limited class of 5 students maximum who will send me a few images of one painting with a few questions in an email.
  • I will prepare in advance my response on Photoshop and Powerpoint
  • We will then screen share on Zoom, with the whole group, showing each artist’s work
  • I will lead a discussion about your questions and possible solutions. Each student will learn not only from their painting being discussed but also from the other paintings’ issues. Everyone can add input in this discussion. Your work can be in any medium and style.

Critiquing art in a gentle, objective way, honoring each artist and their work exactly where they are, is always my intention. 


  • Before I can do any of the prep work, I must have received the payment of $30 for a one hour and fifteen minute Zoom meeting through Check, PayPal or Venmo. (You must sign up on Zoom in advance, it’s free)
  • Then I will email you your Zoom invitation and password
  • You will then email me one high resolution, well-lit photo of a painting along with the questions they have about it. If necessary, send detail shots too
  • I will post these images in a powerpoint presentation to share with the group and prep with my answers before the meeting begins.

The first class is Sunday, May 17, at 3 pm Central Time

The second class is Monday, June 1, at 3 pm Central Time

Since we will have to protect the time we have, I ask that you get on the Zoom call a few minutes early and make sure that your video and audio are connected. I will unmute everyone after I get on and we will begin the discussion promptly at 3 pm beginning with the first person who signed up and moving on in order of sign-ups.

If you have any questions, please shoot me an email: I plan to do this on a regular basis to help create community and stay connected with the amazing artists I know and haven’t met yet. I will also be having interactive Zoom Classes soon. Stay tuned.

Thank you so much!  I look forward to seeing you for a fun and informative art critique!


Rachael McCampbell

Rachael McCampbell