NEW! Cold Wax Medium Workshop at “The Barn” in Cincinnati Nov. 6, 7, 8, 9, 2020

Join me for a 4-day workshop in Cold Wax Medium and Oil in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Painting with Gamblin’s Cold Wax Medium is becoming a very popular method with artists all over the world. In the process of painting with Cold Wax, you can build layers of paint on paper or panels, add textures, use printmaking techniques, add mark making with charcoal, pencils wax pencils, incorporate powdered pigments, R & F paint sticks, oil paints, draw with paint sticks or use solvent for reductive techniques along with scratching and digging techniques when the wax is dryer. You can even use these materials on top of acrylic bases and textures.

This class is for beginners or intermediate level artists who want to learn about the many amazing things you can do with Gamblin’s Cold Wax Medium and oil. This process of painting lends itself to abstraction or representational art.

Material list: Materials for students to bring will be supplied upon registration.

The instructor will provide some supplies: marble dust, tissue paper, pigments to share, paper towels, wax paper, palette paper, gloves, garbage bags and some oil paints, coffee and water.

NOTE: there will be precautions taken to keep everyone safe in this class…masks and social distancing…more details to follow.

Fee: $625 per person, paid by check before first day of class $100 non-refundable deposit required. I take checks, Venmo and Square with an additional 5% fee.

To Register: Contact Rachael at 310-569-8040 or

Rachael McCampbell teaching Cold Wax Medium to The Vienna Arts Society in VA

Artist Bio:

Rachael McCampbell, from Nashville, TN, is a GOLDEN Certified Educator and a Gamblin Dedicated Artist Instructor. She has been teaching art for over 15 years in both acrylic and oil and takes groups to Europe and different locales in the USA to paint and explore their creativity. She believes in experimentation with art and finding the joy of your individual voice. “I like to meet each artist right where they are in their path as a painter. We each possess an innate style that is as unique as our handwriting. It’s my job to help uncover yours.” You can visit her website at:

Her strong knowledge of art materials, design elements and art principles gives each student a strong background in foundational art school instruction. “If you know all the tools out there to use, and the basic of design theory, then you will achieve your vision easily. I try to make sure each student understands how to get where they want to go with their art.”

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Rachael McCampbell